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Listening to Touch the Sky (Featuring Lupe Fiasco) by Kanye West

I gotta testify,come up in the spot looking extra fly,for the day i die,imma touch the sky. – Preview it on Path.

Watching Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Spain

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Thought via Path

A snapback is for the one who just like sports,but a cap is for the one who DO sports. – Read on Path.

"A Lovable Loser." – View on Path.

CHI-CITY! – View on Path.

Nostalgia dikit sama artwork jaman SMA… – View on Path.

Hmmm,2016… – View on Path.

Oke sertifikasi babi nya tinggi nih nilainya with Shandro – View on Path.

Listening to Made in America (feat. Frank Ocean) by Kanye West & JAY Z

What’s up YaYa?! – Preview it on Path.